He is the head coach of the three-league senior team from Bratislava and recently started the third season on the FK Rača bench.

Martin Vician was born in Slovakia, specifically in Bratislava and is 20 years old. He spent most of his junior age in Slovan Bratislava, but he went to Czech Republic, to Baník Ostrava, where he spent his last year in their academy. Then he transferred back to Slovakia and spent his first senior year in FC Petržalka in the second league. What's so special about this twenty-year-old footballer? It is because he got into prestigious American University of Harvard! Read an interesting interview with a youth international player of Slovakia.

In football, we are often witnessing the fairy tale stories of players who, thanks to their honest work and determination, have reached out to the top of the football. You start as an unknown player and you will win one of the most prestigious European football leagues in a few years.

Unique project that connects the whole football world on one place, where all members can freely communicate with each other, create own network of contacts, get to know lots of interesting people, share their thoughts and learn something new or even find a new team.

Peter Chrappan, Professional football player and a BE-PRO user

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I am a member and as well as I am a fan of the project  BE-PRO.COM from its beginning. During that time, I have used this site many times, so I believe that it helps or impress also other people in the football world. I like the idea of creating football community that anyone can use according their own needs.


Libor Hrdlička, AS Trenčín goalkeeper and BE-PRO member

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Great project that connects people from the football community in one place, where everything needed can be found by anyone.

Filip Šebo, Former professional football player and national team player

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