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Are you a football player looking for a new club, a new agent, or new contacts? Are you a coach looking for a new challenge? A club looking for new players? Or an agent hunting for promising talents?

If you answered "yes" to one of these questions, then you are definitely in the right place. is a unique global football social network that connects people from the football environment, opens up new opportunities, creates bridges, and can change your career.

Take matters into your own hands! You no longer have to wait for anything and you don't have to rely only on luck or coincidence. gives each user a chance to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for and what they need. really works. This is proved by hundreds of successful football transfers around the world. Since 2012, when was founded, it has been used by thousands of people with more people constantly joining. It currently has 40 000 active users from every corner of the planet.

Become one of them and direct your career towards success. It is very simple.

Sign up for free!

Even if you are new here, you will find your way very quickly.

Registration on is very simple, intuitive, and especially completely free of charge.

Just fill in your name, surname, login details, gender, and choose one or more football identities.

Player, agent, coach, masseur, fitness coach, scout, general manager, sporting director, club president, doctor, physiologist, lawyer, psychologist, or fan. Choose who you are.

Create a profile

After signing up, proceed to the next and perhaps the most important step, which is to create your own profile.

A profile on will represent, sell, and define you. It will be your own football CV that can engage others and open the door to a better future.

That is why it is extremely important that you include as much information as possible about yourself, your career, achievements, and abilities in your profile.

If you are a player, remember that agents, coaches, or club officials are not looking for a "cat in a sack". Therefore, fill your profile in as much detail as possible, so that you become more readable, interesting, and trustworthy for any new potential connection.

TIP: Show your face! Just uploading a profile picture might increase your profile attendance by up to 50%!

Add an offer

Having an active profile is essential, but you must be proactive to succeed. Whether you are a player, coach or agent, if you know what you want and what you are looking for, create an offer.

If you are registered on and have a completed profile, you can add the offer for FREE.

You can choose from the three following options:

Job seeking

Job offering
We are looking for a team for a friendly match

Your offer will be published among other OFFERS immediately after its creation. Other users can respond to your offer or directly send you a message. So, all that remains, is to wait.


You do not have to just sit back and wait for the response.
On EVERYONE PLAYS FOR THEMSELVES. You are the architect of your happiness - your future, new contacts, and new opportunities lie in your hands. You can build all of this on this social network.

The whole football world in one place, there are no restrictions. There are currently more than 40 000 active users on - get in touch with any of them! It is completely up to you.

Respond to offers or search profiles of specific users.

You can find all profiles in the USERS section. You will find your way around them thanks to the filter, where you can set the identity, nationality, age, country of the club, and possibly the name of a specific club.

One message could change everything.

Move to a higher level

We know that you want to move forward and we also want to improve our services for you, our users. Because of that, we offer the possibility of an above standard paid membership, which will open all the possibilities of this social network. offers you almost the entire functionality completely free of charge. You can create and edit your own profile, add an offer, respond to offers, search among offers and users, browse through a library of content from users, write statuses and articles, add photos or videos.

However, with a free membership, you cannot write or read messages in your inbox and you won't even have access to all the information in profiles and offers.

Don't worry, everyone can afford our membership.

It is true that the longer the period, the better the price. With the three-month and the annual membership, you even get bonus credits to promote your content on

Find more in our PRICING.

Don't wait any longer. Become our full-fledged member and start your career!