Agibayev from Kazakhstan with new club in the Czech Republic thanks to BE-PRO!

Agibayev from Kazakhstan with new club in the Czech Republic thanks to BE-PRO!

We learned about this transfer unconventionally. One day, we received an email from Alisher Agibayev asking to delete his BE-PRO account. We asked him why he wanted to delete his profile. The answer was simple: he already found a new club.

He informed us in the next message, that he found his new club thanks to BE-PRO!

We are always very happy if someone on BE-PRO finds what he was looking for. Whether it's professional or amateur, we don't care. However, it is clear that the BE-PRO project works!

This is also illustrated by the example of Alisher Agibayev. A native of Kazakhstan, living in the Czech Republic, created his profile on BE-PRO just to find a new challenge. 
,,I learned about randomly on Instagram when I watched football videos. I registered because the BE-PRO platform was very interesting to me. I like the project itself because it allows young footballers to find a new team and play football."

Alisher created his profile on BE-PRO, sent out several messages until one day he was contacted by a team coach from a lower Czech competition. Thanks to BE-PRO they finally agreed, so they both found what they needed - Alisher found a new job and the coach found reinforcement for his team.

,,BE-PRO helped me a lot, because I got in touch with my new coach here. And now I'm a player of the team that I found on BE-PRO! I recommend this project to everyone who likes football and wants to find a new team."

We are very pleased that BE-PRO has helped other people in the football community!

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I am a member and as well as I am a fan of the project  BE-PRO.COM from its beginning. During that time, I have used this site many times, so I believe that it helps or impress also other people in the football world. I like the idea of creating football community that anyone can use according their own needs.


Libor Hrdlička, MFK Karviná goalkeeper and BE-PRO user

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Unique project that connects the whole football world on one place, where all members can freely communicate with each other, create own network of contacts, get to know lots of interesting people, share their thoughts and learn something new or even find a new team.

Peter Chrappan, Professional football player and a BE-PRO user

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Great project that connects people from the football community in one place, where everything needed can be found by anyone.

Filip Šebo, Former professional football player and national team player

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