Intermediary at I can not imagine my work without

Intermediary at I can not imagine my work without

We asked user, intermediary Michal Kozák, few questions.

Michael Kozak is still an active player in the lower Austrian competition, but for several years working as a football intermediary. Thanks to he managed to carry out several transfers and get a huge amount of interesting contacts.

How did you find out about

,,I primarily learned about from friends. Later, I registered the media interest in this project."

How often do you use

"At present, I use practically on a daily basis. I'm trying to keep track of players and offers."

Did you make an interesting transfer thanks to

" offers a wide range of opportunities and contacts with players, clubs, intermediaries or club officials. And thanks to that, I have made some interesting transfer. Also abroad, like Austria or Germany."

How many and what kind of transfers did you manage thanks to

,, has served as a medium of making more transfers either for me or my partners. It also offered the opportunity to show up for the various players who would otherwise have had no chances in both professional and amateur football."

Did you get some interesting contacts from that helped you in your job as intermediary?

" works as a social network and it is up to every individual to use the options that offers. For me personally, meant mainly collecting player's contacts. Also, I was able to get to know more intermediaries and club officials. Today, I can not imagine my work without"

What would you recommend as an intermediaty for players when filling out a profile?

"It is important to provide as much correct information as possible, which can help different people in better understanding of the player. It is definitely worthwhile to add some links with statistics or match highlights."

What is your opinion on the project itself?

,, project is still in development, reaching more and more popularity in the sports community, suggesting a right idea of the project. I think it's a project that has a future and possibly in another sport sector, who knows."

What would you have changed/added to

,,Personally, I would welcome the opportunity to make a video call through, or the possibility of search keywords in messages."

Michal Kozák, thank you for the interview!

I am a member and as well as I am a fan of the project  BE-PRO.COM from its beginning. During that time, I have used this site many times, so I believe that it helps or impress also other people in the football world. I like the idea of creating football community that anyone can use according their own needs.


Libor Hrdlička, MFK Karviná goalkeeper and BE-PRO user

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Great project that connects people from the football community in one place, where everything needed can be found by anyone.

Filip Šebo, Former professional football player and national team player

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Unique project that connects the whole football world on one place, where all members can freely communicate with each other, create own network of contacts, get to know lots of interesting people, share their thoughts and learn something new or even find a new team.

Peter Chrappan, Professional football player and a BE-PRO user

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