From Poland to Switzerland thanks to BE-PRO!

From Poland to Switzerland thanks to BE-PRO! is slowly expanding and also making a name for itself abroad. A clear evidence of that is the transfer of a Slovak football player Miroslav Pastva, who, thanks to BE-PRO, got himself from the II. Polish league to Switzerland.

The Slovak footballer Miroslav Pastva was transferred from the second division team Pogoň Siedlce (Poland) to FC Ibach (Switzerland). An agent from the Czech Republic published an offer on BE-PRO, in which he was looking for experienced football players to go to Switzerland. Miro reacted to this offer and will soon become a player of FC Ibach.

Hi Miro! As the first thing to do, you could introduce yourself to our readers.

„Hello everyone, I have been playing football since my childhood. I have played both in the Slovak Second Football League for Liptovský Mikuláš and in the Slovak First Football League for ViOn Zlaté Moravce, from where I moved to Pogoň Siedlce (Poland). Thanks to BE-PRO I have recently got myself to Switzerland. “

How did you as a second-division player of the Pogoň Siedlce (Poland) come across the football social site BE-PRO?

„I found out about this football social site few years ago, after seeing it on publicly accessible channels. I found it on the internet, where I started to follow the news and the offers as well.“

How would you rate BE-PRO from the point of view of an everyday user? Would you advise other professional footballers to sign in?

„Because of the fact that the website is easily manageable and understandable, an everyday user will not get lost while browsing through it. BE-PRO is a great way of how to find new opportunities, contacts and experiences. I would surely recommend signing in to all footballers that want to change something or want to improve their current situation.“

Thanks to BE-PRO you got the opportunity to move to Switzerland, how do you like your new club? How much do the conditions for players in Switzerland differ from those in Central Europe?

„I came to Switzerland not long ago and therefore I am still getting to know the new environment, but until now everything works the way it is supposed to, for what I am really thankful. Considering the fact that every club in every country has different conditions and means, I can say that I am very satisfied with those of mine.“

What would you recommend to BE-PRO users in order for them to become professional footballers?

„Very important is not to fear new challenges, to persistently improve their abilities and have a very responsible approach towards everything.“

We would like to thank Miro for his interview and we wish him a lot of success in sport!

Miroslav Pastva:

Date of birth: 15.4.1992
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Stronger foot: right
Positions: Centre back, Right back, Left back, Defensive midfielder
Clubs: MFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš (SVK), FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (SVK), MKP Pogoň Siedlce (POL), FC Ibach (CH)

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