Another story of BE-PRO: from Slovakia to Switzerland

Another story of BE-PRO: from Slovakia to Switzerland

Thanks to the one very interesting transfer of a Slovak player occurred once again. Erik Hlaváč got transferred from the third Slovak division to the Switzerland. Exactly to the football club FC Linth 04.

The Slovak footballer Erik Hlaváč changed his former club ŠK 1923 Gabčíkovo (the third Slovak division) to his current club the FC Linth 04 (Switzerland). Another BE-PRO user, the legend of the VSS Košice – Radoslav Král, informed Erik about this very interesting offer on BE-PRO.

Hi Erik! As the first thing to do, you could introduce yourself to our readers.

,,My name is Erik Hlaváč. I am 22 years old and I am also known by the nickname “Mucha”, which means “Fly” in English. I have been playing football since I was 6 years old. I started in Košice in a small city club KAC and later on I moved to MFK Košice. As a fifteen-year-old I moved to ŠK Slovan Bratislava. After small misunderstandings I changed my club once again as seventeen-year-old and I joined the club of Senec, where I managed to make it to the first team, which at the time played in the second-highest division in Slovakia. I was preparing with the second team of the ŠK Slovan Bratislava for 6 months after the club of Senec fell apart. I have also played for Lokomotíva Zvolen in the second-highest Slovak division. After some time I wanted to stay in Serie D in Italy, but unfortunately we did not close the contract. Afterwards I returned to Gabčíkovo, where I played the first half of a season. Thanks to the BE-PRO I was transferred to the FC Linth 04 (Switzerland) few days ago.”

How did you as a third-division player of the ŠK 1923 Gabčíkovo (Slovakia) come across the football social site BE-PRO?

„I got to know it from the internet. Radoslav Král, a Slovak trainer coaching in Germany, told me about the offer from Switzerland and he helped me to find a new club. He is also a member of BE-PRO.“

How would you rate BE-PRO from the point of view of an everyday user? Would you advise other professional footballers, middlemen or club representatives to sign in?

,,I can see it from the player point of view. BE-PRO is a very interesting idea, which can be very helpful to those players that do not have so many contacts or their own manager. But I also think that it can be very helpful to club representatives, coaches or to staff members as well.”

Thanks to BE-PRO you got the opportunity to move to Switzerland, how do you like your new club?

,,Lots of nationalities are in the club, from Italians, through Croatians, Czechs to Swiss players. Many languages are spoken in the dressing room. The atmosphere is good and I got on well with many players from the start. I get on well with our coach as well and he gives me a lot of space. Everyone knows that Switzerland is a very developed country, what can also be seen in football. As far as the living conditions are concerned also the football conditions are on a high level. My team has a huge Linth arena available, in which more sports are played and we have great conditions there. There is a huge gym, swimming pool and saunas. And that all is freely available to us! 3 pitches are prepared for training sessions, one of them is artificial. 2 pitches are suitable for league matches.”

How much do the conditions for players in Switzerland differ from those in Central Europe?

,,I will say it straightforward. Swiss people have more money available, which they can invest and the most important is that people want to do it on a very high level.”

What would you recommend to BE-PRO users in order for them to become professional footballers?

„I would like to recommend them, not to be shy and to write their even a bit tangled story, because there are people on BE-PRO that offer a great opportunities and might help you with achieving your dream.“

We would like to thank Erik for his interview and we wish him a lot of success in sport!

Information about Erik Hlaváč:

Day of birth: 30.1.1996
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Dominant foot: right
Positions: left midfielder, right midfielder, striker
Clubs: VSS Košice (SVK), ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK), SFM Senec (SVK), MFK Lokomotíva Zvolen (SVK), ŠK 1923 Gabčíkovo (SVK), FC Linth 04 (CH)


Agent Michal Kozák: I would recommend BE-PRO to everyone

Agent Michal Kozák: I would recommend BE-PRO to everyone

The BE-PRO ,,football social network" project has gained great popularity not only in Slovakia over the last eight years. It helps many players find a new club, coaches to present new challenges and clubs to complete and improve their squad. Last but not least, it simplifies and speeds up communication.

He played for Dunajská Streda and Senica. Thanks to BE-PRO, he moved to Switzerland

He played for Dunajská Streda and Senica. Thanks to BE-PRO, he moved to Switzerland

Footballer Zoltán Kontár is also known from his time on the Slovak league pitches. He made 23 appearances for FK Senica in the highest competition, then he made another 16 appearances for DAC Dunajská Streda where he scored one league goal. He spent his last year in the second league, in FC Petržalka and previously several years abroad, at hungarian Györi.

Coach Luknár: BE-PRO is a unique way to find players

Coach Luknár: BE-PRO is a unique way to find players

Coach Luknár: BE-PRO is a unique way to find players. BE-PRO has helped me many times. Coach Lukáš Luknár is one of the well-known figures of Slovak football. He coached Slovak third-league team FK Rača, which he brought to the edge of promotion to the 2nd league. A few weeks ago, he went with similar ambitions to central Slovakia.


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