Czech football legend Petr Čech will appear in the goal again! Not in football, but in hockey!

The life of a football player is unpredictable. Last weekend on Saturday FC Petržalka had three goalkeepers available to play. Couple hours later, due to the unfortunate injuries of Peter Sokol and Frederik Valach, they had only one.

I have to start with a slightly embarrassing story. Because sometimes I am afraid that the outside world looks at footballers and managers like we’re Gods or something. As a Christian, I believe in only one God, and I can assure you that God has nothing to do with football.

The Champions League is very much the territory of the established global star. It is Ronaldo v Messi, set to orchestral music, with a side order of Robert Lewandowski. Then Toni Kroos for dessert.

Stephen Ireland is looking at the list of big-name players who will take part in Vincent Kompany’s testimonial match on Wednesday night, working out how seriously he should approach the occasion.

Football fans rejoice, EA Sports have revealed the full player ratings for FIFA 20's top 100, with Lionel Messi beating Cristiano Ronaldo as the official best player on the game.

He is the head coach of the three-league senior team from Bratislava and recently started the third season on the FK Rača bench.

Martin Vician was born in Slovakia, specifically in Bratislava and is 20 years old. He spent most of his junior age in Slovan Bratislava, but he went to Czech Republic, to Baník Ostrava, where he spent his last year in their academy. Then he transferred back to Slovakia and spent his first senior year in FC Petržalka in the second league. What's so special about this twenty-year-old footballer? It is because he got into prestigious American University of Harvard! Read an interesting interview with a youth international player of Slovakia.

Hervorragendes Projekt, das die Leute aus dem Fußball-Umfeld auf einem Platz verbindet und wo man genau das findet, was man braucht.

Filip Šebo, Ehemaliger Profifußballer und Nationalspieler

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Einzigartiges Projekt, das die ganze Fußballwelt auf einem Platz verbindet, wo alle Mitglieder miteinander frei kommunizieren, ihr eigenes Kontaktnetz aufbauen, interessante Leute kennenlernen, ihre Gedanken teilen und neue Sachen lernen können, sogar einen neuen Verein finden.

Peter Chrappan, Profifußballer und BE-PRO Benutzer

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Ich bin Mitglied sowie Fan von BE-PRO.COM Projekt von Anfang an. Ich benutze oft verschiedene Funktionen, die diese Seite anbietet. Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass diese Seite auch viele andere Personen aus Fussballumgebung packen wird. Diese Idee gefällt mir sehr - eine Fussballgemeinschaft zu bilden, die jeder so benutzen kann, wie er benötigt.

Libor Hrdlička, MFK Karviná Torwart und BE-PRO Benutzer

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