We learned about this transfer unconventionally. One day, we received an email from Alisher Agibayev asking to delete his BE-PRO account. We asked him why he wanted to delete his profile. The answer was simple: he already found a new club.

A story just like many others. A promising footballer overcoming plenty of football obstacles stops at one of them and considers taking a break from football or in some cases even stop playing football at all. And then BE-PRO steps in.

Dear Flamengo supporters, I am writing this message before the Copa Libertadores final — Flamengo’s most important game in recent years. We are one of the biggest teams in the world, but it has been a long time since we have had a moment like this.

I think children understand the world better than adults do. Especially when it comes to how we treat other people. Sometimes people ask me this question in interviews and it is very difficult to answer. They say, “Kouli, how does it feel when the fans make these racist howls at you? Does it bother you? What should be done?”

he influence of Nike on the World Cup was thrust awkwardly into the spotlight in 1998. The largely anonymous role of Brazil’s Ronaldo in the final is still something of immense conspiracy. Rumours abound of Mário Zagallo withdrawing the player following a breakdown, only to be forced into reversing his decision by Nike.

Dear 17-year-old GianluigiI write this letter to you tonight as a 41-year-old man who has experienced many, many things in life, and has made some mistakes. I have some good news and some bad news for you. The truth is that I am really here to speak to you about your soul.

couldn’t breathe. I was trying not to panic. This was in the dressing room right before the Champions League final against Liverpool in 2018.

Veganism is on the rise in top-level football. Arsenal's Hector Bellerin and Roma loanee Chris Smalling are among the players to have adopted fully vegan diets in recent years, while England internationals Fabian Delph, Jack Wilshere and Jermain Defoe have spoken about the benefits of eliminating red meat and dairy from their meals.

Czech football legend Petr Čech will appear in the goal again! Not in football, but in hockey!

Hervorragendes Projekt, das die Leute aus dem Fußball-Umfeld auf einem Platz verbindet und wo man genau das findet, was man braucht.

Filip Šebo, Ehemaliger Profifußballer und Nationalspieler

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Einzigartiges Projekt, das die ganze Fußballwelt auf einem Platz verbindet, wo alle Mitglieder miteinander frei kommunizieren, ihr eigenes Kontaktnetz aufbauen, interessante Leute kennenlernen, ihre Gedanken teilen und neue Sachen lernen können, sogar einen neuen Verein finden.

Peter Chrappan, Profifußballer und BE-PRO Benutzer

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Ich bin Mitglied sowie Fan von BE-PRO.COM Projekt von Anfang an. Ich benutze oft verschiedene Funktionen, die diese Seite anbietet. Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass diese Seite auch viele andere Personen aus Fussballumgebung packen wird. Diese Idee gefällt mir sehr - eine Fussballgemeinschaft zu bilden, die jeder so benutzen kann, wie er benötigt.

Libor Hrdlička, MFK Karviná Torwart und BE-PRO Benutzer

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