Terms and conditions

General Registration Terms on BE-PRO.com

I. Introductory provisions

  1. The Terms of Service at www.be-pro.com (the "Portal") govern the rights and obligations of the Operator and Users in the provision and use of the Services on the Portal (the "Terms").

  2. The Operator and Provider of the Services on the Portal is BE-PRO sro, with a registered office at Gercenova 19, 851 01 Bratislava, IČO: 48 147 117, VAT No .: 2120252684 registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the District Court of Bratislava 1, Section: 103926 / B, Tax ID: 2120252684, (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator"). E-Mail contact: info@be-pro.com. Phone contact: +421 903 704 038

  3. The services provided by the Operator on the Portal represent, in particular, the search, processing, collection, storage and transmission of data, provided free of charge to individual users for commercial and non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise specified in these Operator Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Service" or "Services").

  4. User is any natural or legal person who registers and logs on to the Operator's Portal and uses the Services Provided by the Operator on the Portal (the "User" or "Users").

  5. The relevant authorities for the control of the provision of these Terms and Conditions and related Services are the Slovak Trade Inspection (STI) and the STI Inspectorate for the Bratislava Region, located at Prievozská 32, 820 07 Bratislava.

II. Basic Terms of Use of the Services

  1. By using the Services provided by the Operator, the User agrees to these Terms and Conditions. Users who do not agree to these Terms may not use the Services provided by the Operators which are subject to these Terms.

  2. User Services are used by Customers at their own risk, with Users noticing that they may be exposed to these Services for various content that may be inappropriate, indecent or offensive to some Users.

  3. If, in respect of the use of these Services, the User submits opinions, speeches, suggestions, texts, pictures, videos or other contributions ("Contributions" or "Contribution") to the Operator electronically, by mail or in any other way, he or she agrees to their use for the promotion of their own products or services. In the event that the content of the Contributions falls under the protection of intellectual property, the User hereby, in accordance with Act no. 618/2003 Z.z. concerning Copyright and Copyright Rights (Copyright Act), as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Copyright Act" or "CA"), grants free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, physical and local unlimited consent to the use of Contributions. The validity of this consent is limited by the duration of the registration on the Portal. By posting User Submissions under the preceding sentence, however, the Operator is not under any obligation to use these Contributions in any way and is entitled to remove these Posts from the Portal at any time, at their sole discretion.

III. Users’ Protection of Privacy

  1. The Operator will instruct the User before registering on the Portal about their rights and obligations under Act No. 122/2013 Z.z. of the protection of personal data and also require consent to the processing of the User's personal data.

  2. In order to optimize and improve the quality of the services provided, the Operator collects some information from the visitors of their portals, including IP addresses and cookies that do not lead to the individual’s identification. Cookies are a small unit of data stored by a browser on the User's hard disk. The operator uses cookies to improve their Services. If the User does not wish to use cookies, it is necessary to configure the User's browser to delete all cookies from the User's hard disk or user's hard disk. To block cookies or to warn Cookies about storing cookies.

IV. Sign Up and Sign In

  1. Use of the Portal Services is subject to the User’s Registration.

  2. The information that the User fills in the Portal’s registration form must be factual and correct. The Registered User is required to correct this information in the User profile without undue delay in the event of any change in information. 

  3. In the event of incorrect data being filled out, the User’s registration can be canceled by the Operator.

  4. The User can use the User Account and Services immediately after signing up for the portal. 

  5. The User logs in to the User Account using the User Name and Password.

  6. The User is responsible for safely saving the password to his / her User Account. The user is responsible for all activities performed through his User Account.

  7. The operator does not charge the user with any charges associated with long distance communication.

V. Cancellation of registration

  1. The User acknowledges that the Operator may at any time, in accordance with these Terms, cancel or prevent access to the User's Account, without prior notice. Operator may do so in particular on these grounds:

  • - violations of generally binding legal standards by Users

    - violation of these Terms

    - long-term absence of user account activity (if the user account has not been used for 2 years since the last logout)

    - at the User's own request

    - due to violation of the rights of the Operator or other User

  1. The Operator reserves the right at any time to deny or restrict the User’s access to the Portal or to remove any User Submission (advertisements, ratings, etc.) from the system, mainly due to damage to the Rights of the Provider or another User, or violation of these Terms.

VI. Rights and Obligations of the User

  1. The User acknowledges that in the use of the Services he or she may in no way act contrary to the general binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the general binding legal regulations of the state in which he / she is situated and / or the general morality:

  • - to promote violence in an open or hidden form, and to incite hatred on the basis of gender, race, complexion, language, religion, political or other, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group;

    - promote a war or describe cruel or otherwise inhumane behavior in a manner that is inappropriate, mitigating, justifying or approving;

    - in an open or hidden form, to promote alcohol, alcoholism, smoking, the use of narcotic drugs, poisons and precursors or to mitigate the consequences of the use of these substances;

    - use vulgarisms, phrases or other verbal or sign language expressions of direct or indirect significance contrary to generally accepted social morality and ethics;

    - endangering the physical, mental, or moral development of minors or disrupting their mental health and emotional state;

    - submit posts with erotic content;

    - promote child pornography;

    - in open or hidden form, promote the political party or its representatives;

    - by open or hidden form of advertising, to any natural or legal person, any product or service;

    - to promote medicines whose expenditure is subject to a prescription and a veterinary medical prescription containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances not subject to medical prescription and which are reimbursed on the basis of health insurance under a special regulation and medicines not registered in the Slovak Republic, which mention the effects of drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, transmissible sex diseases, serious infectious diseases, cancer, chronic insomnia, metabolic disorders and psychiatric disorders;

    - in open or hidden form to promote weapons and ammunition and in any way to describe the weapons and ammunition;

    - to promote and carry out any other form of action which is contrary to the legal order of the Slovak Republic;

    - Report false, unverified, misleading or misleading reports about a third party, in particular, where such third party information may improperly confer an unfair advantage or disadvantage on another entity;

    - to expand the content of the Site. The User is, in particular, not entitled to copy, modify, distribute or otherwise distribute the contents of the pages for the purpose of his or her commercial exploitation, except for the handling of the User's Posts and his or her own Content, unless there is another separate agreement between the User and the Operator;

    1. The User may not attempt to prevent or disturb the discussion on the Portal for other Users. The user must not harass other Users.

    2. The User undertakes to add to the Portal only the Posts to which he or she has the the content’s copyright or the content Author's approval for its use.

    3. The User assumes responsibility for his / her own contributions voluntarily and agrees not to use the Services for purposes that are contrary to the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

    4. The User will not attempt to sign in to the Portal as another User, or otherwise harm other Users or other persons. The User must not in any way harm the Operator and his reputation. The User may not promote the Services of other persons on the Portal, particularly when they are in a direct or indirect competitive relationship with the Operator.

    5. The User has the right to terminate the use of the Operator's Services or the Third Person at any time without prior notice of this fact.

    1. The User acknowledges that the Operator is authorized to send the User a verification, security, or alert message, in particular when protecting the rights of the User or other Users.The User acknowledges that the Operator is authorized to send the User a verification, security, or alert message, in particular when protecting the rights of the User or other Users.

VII. Rights and Obligations of the Operator

  1. The Operator does not have any other obligations in respect to the Users or Third Parties in relation to the Services provided to the Portal except the obligations stated in the relevant legislation and the Terms and Conditions.

  2. The Operator is not responsible for the content of the User Submissions on the Portal, nor is he liable for any violation of intellectual property rights or other rights by Users. An operator is authorized to not disclose content or the User's posts, restrict or prevent access by other Users to Content or User Contributions if such Content or Contributions are considered as disputed or in violation of the Terms.

  3. The operator does not provide the User with a guarantee of continuous functionality, flawless operation and server security. The operator is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the User in connection with the use of these Services.

  4. The Operator has the right to terminate the User's registration at any time, without giving any reason. The Operator has the right at any time to discontinue the provision of the Services on the Portal for fixed, indefinite or forever. The Operator has the right to shut down the Portal at any time, even without prior notice.

  5. Upon termination of the provision of the Services by the Operator and the use of the Services by the User, the Operator and the User have the legal rights that are associated with such termination. In the event of the sanctioning of the Operator for the User's breach of obligations under these Conditions or the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the User acknowledges that he or she is obliged to compensate the Operator for such damage in its entirety.

X. Paid services

  1. The User has the opportunity to use the paid services on the Portal (hereinafter referred to as "Paid Services"). The Operator informs the User whether a Service is a Paid Service explicitly prior to the ordering of the Paid Service.

  2. The User can order a Paid Service at the Portal in a separate section by filling out the order form. The customer is required to fill in the required order in the order form. The order form includes information about the price of the Paid Service, the method of payment for the Paid Service (including payment terms) and the duration of the Paid Service.

  3. The subject of the Paid Service is to ensure the promotion of the User's posts on the Portal.

  4. The User has the option to choose the duration of the Paid Service in the order form.

  5. The contractual relationship between the Operator and the User arises from the date when the User sends his or her order.

  6. The Operator has an obligation to deliver the Paid Service to the User without undue delay after the full payment of the Paid Service. Payment of Paid Service is considered complete when the money arrives on the Operator’s account.

  7. The fee for the Paid Service can be paid directly to the Portal via the GoPay gateway. Upon payment of the Paid Service fee, the Operator will deliver the tax document to the User.

  8. Included in the Priced Service price are all the Operator's costs associated with the provision of the Paid Service and also its Value Added Tax.

  9. The Paid Service is considered delivered when the Paid Service is activated by the User. By submitting an order, the User agrees to the provision of this service and at the same time acknowledges that he or she loses the right to withdraw from the contract.

  10. In the event that the User has his account deactivated for breach of his or her obligations under these Conditions, the User is not entitled to a substitute for the Paid Service unless the Operator determines otherwise.

  11. The Paid Service is subject to the other items within these Terms.

XI. Liability for Damage

  1. The User is aware that he or she uses the Portal Services exclusively at his or her own risk. The operator is not responsible for the activity of the Users, nor for the way they use the Services. The operator has no responsibility for any misuse of the Services by Users or by third parties.

  2. The operator assumes no responsibility for any damage that would be caused to the User or third parties directly, indirectly or accidentally as a result of or in connection with the use of the Services.

  3. The operator is not liable for damages that would be incurred by the User or third parties due to the impossibility of using the Services or in a direct or indirect connection with this fact.

  4. The Operator is not liable for the continuous functionality of the Portal, nor its flawless operation and security. The Operator also has the right to shut down the Portal without any notice and reason.

  5. The Operator is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the User in connection with the use of the Services on the Portal, as well as due to malfunction, error, or activity of other Users or for other reasons.

XII. Complaints and complaints

  1. In the event of complaints or claims regarding Services and their provision, the User shall contact the Operator at: info@be-pro.com

  2. The Operator will respond to complaints or claims, without undue delay, within 3 working days at the latest.

  3. The Operator is obliged to confirm the delivery and reception of the complaint or claim to the User in writing.

  4. An operator is required to review each complaint or claim and, if justified, is required to take steps to remedy it. In the case of a reasonable complaint or claim regarding a Charged Service, the Operator will provide the User with a reasonable discount on the Priced Service charge or provide the User with another Paid Service, free of charge, if the User agrees to it.

  5. An unsubstantiated complaint or claim shall be denied by the Operator. 

XIII. Dispute resolution

  1. Disputes arising from the registration on the Portal or the use of the Services are to be sent for resolution by both parties to this email address: info@be-pro.com

  2. In the event that the parties do not resolve the dispute by agreement, the general courts will be contacted to settle the dispute.

  3. If the User is or will be in the position of a consumer, he or she may also resolve the dispute with the Operator in an alternative way in accordance with Act no. 391/2015 Z.z. As amended. For more information: http://www.soi.sk/sk/Alternativne-riesenie-spotrebitelskych-sporov.soi.

XIV. Final provisions

  1. These Terms become effective and effective on the date of their publication. The provisions of the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic shall apply to matters not governed by these Conditions. These Terms cancel the general registration conditions of 20.10.2016.

  2. The Operator has the right to modify, upgrade or otherwise modify the Terms as well as without the User's consent.

  3. The User is obliged to observe the legal standards of the state in which he or she is located and the legal norms of the Slovak Republic when using the Services. In the event of a breach of the legal standards or obligations set forth in these Conditions, the Operator may, in compliance with the law, provide all available information about the User (including the User's private data) to the entitled Authority.

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