Paid features

Paid BE-PRO membership

Although the free membership gives you many features and tools, such as creating a profile, adding ads, responding to ads, searching among users, accessing the library, being able to write statuses or add content, we recommend you take full advantage of BE-PRO's huge potential by moving to a higher level and becoming a paid member. Anyone can afford BE-PRO membership!

All information about memberships can be found in PRICING.

What do you get?

With a paid membership, you can communicate, write messages, see all the information in individual profiles, and thus use the entire content of the football social network much more effectively. Whether you are a player looking for a club or a club looking for reinforcements, these paid features will give you all the benefits you can use to your advantage.

Anonymous offer

Stay anonymous! You can use an anonymous offer, for example, if you are looking for a new job and do not want your current employer to know about your intentions, which could cause you problems.

You will certainly be happy to use this option as an employer or a club representative as well, while planning, for example, a change of coach or looking for new candidates. Your current coach or players will not know that you are looking for someone new.

The result will be an active ad that everyone can respond to, but no one will know in advance, who the author is. They will remain hidden and will be able to negotiate their future options without any worries.

Promotion on BE-PRO

Promoting your content is also a very useful tool for reaching people on the social network. You select a target group of users based on age, identity, nationality, and other parameters to promote your offers, videos, photos, or articles. Thanks to this, you can reach the exact people you need and are looking for. You proactively create contacts with new users, who can push you further.

Promotion on BE-PRO socials

You can also promote your content on the BE-PRO social networks in a similar way to other websites, i.e. on Facebook and Instagram. Again, you have the ability to target narrower groups of users according to your preferences.


You can also reach a wide group of users thanks to a mass message, the so-called massmail. Even in this case, you can choose a filter to target users exactly according to your requirements.

After sending the massmail, your message will be sent directly to anyone on BE-PRO who meets your chosen criteria. For example, all coaches, agents and so on. The choice is yours.

Create a professional CV

If you have a really detailed profile, you can generate your „professional CV“, which you can then present on BE-PRO, send it to your contacts and so on.

However, in order for a professional CV to have its weight, it is extremely important that players, in particular, fill in their profile in as much detail and accuracy as possible. You should mention all your personal data, experience, skills, achievements or previous employers in the profile. The result will then be a really comprehensive and professional-looking player's CV, which will catch one´s eye at first glance.