What are cookies?

Cookies are small text documents created by a website that are stored on users' device and site visitors using the browser. These files are during returning to the web page using the browser sent back to the server. With cookies, the website has information about previous user activities. The information included in cookies is anonymous, does not contain sensitive information that could lead to the identification of the person. Cookies are used by most websites.

How to divide cookies?

Cookies are divided by the time they are stored, for long-term and short-term. Further, by the party that uses cookies, the cookies stored by the website itself (first-party cookies) and third-party cookies that are used for third-party apps and services.

Short-term cookies are deleted from your browser after you close it.

Long-term cookies are stored in your browser. They are deleted after a certain time, depending on your browser settings.

First-party cookies are created and stored by the site itself and may be necessary for the operation of the site or its parts. They are linked to a specific domain of the site operator. Both short-term and long-term.

Third-party cookies are linked to third-party websites. It is a functional tool commonly used for targeted advertising.

What cookies do we use?

Technical Cookies - These are short-term cookies created by us that serve the proper functioning of the website's functional elements.

Google Analytics - This is an analytical tool that generates long-term third-party cookies. This tool is used on a large number of websites and is used to collect statistics and optimize the way the site works.

Facebook - Long-term cookies of third parties. They serve for marketing and advertising purposes on the social network. They help create tailor-made advertising offers for the user.

Twitter - Similar to Facebook, it is a long-term third-party cookie that serves marketing purposes on the social network.

How to disable or restrict the use of cookies?

Use your browser to manage your cookies. You have always the option to delete previously saved cookies. Additionally, depending on your browser, it is possible to restrict the use of cookies for a particular web site, restrict their storage, or set the forced deletion of all cookies after the browser is closed.

Cookie Policy Text as of 25.5.2018